Welcome to Sovereign!

Not long ago, friendships were forged with strangers by way of letters and the exchanging photographs, often over vast distances, with the use of airmail. Today, we have social media with instant connection to accomplish all that and more, courtesy of the internet.

Social media has become an indispensable tool for communication, particularly in politics. Indeed, when I became concerned about British sovereignty being subsumed under the European Union, I took to social media to share ideas of a party aimed at ensuring that Britain leaves the EU in order to be free to determine her own destiny.

Having conceived Sovereign, I needed assistance. Several ardent and patriotic Brexit supporters from all over England rose to the challenge and came to meet with me in the East Midlands! As we sat at the discussion table, it became clear we were just ordinary hardworking people anxious about the political direction of our country.

And so the Sovereign Party was born on 16th November 2017. In the succeeding weeks, we proclaimed a set of core principles that define Sovereign as work commenced on a set of policies in preparation for registration with the Electoral Commission.

On behalf of the Sovereign Team, I invite you to join us and help assure Britain’s future post-Brexit, a future that restores the ascendancy of the United Kingdom on the world stage and strengthens the values of freedom, harmony and prosperity for all Britons.

My sincere best wishes,





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